The Bridge Centre Room

The Play Area
The Main Area set up as cafe
The Kitchen - left
The Kitchen - right
Bridge Centre Plan

This room room has five main areas

  1. The central main area which is reached when you come in through the font door, 
    and down the steps or down the lift
    is roughly 15 by 10 meters (16 by 11 yds) .
    It is set up to seat 44 people at 9 tables
    It could hold up to 100 people seated in rows lecture style.
  2. To the left of this (as you come in), is a play area with children's toys.
    This is fenced off from the main area,
    and is a safe place for your children (up to starting school) to play.
  3. To the right at the rear is a small corner.
    This is a more intimate space that can be used, say, for small meetings,
    or as an area to lay out tables to serve food or paperwork for meetings.
    It has a floor area of approx. 3 meters square  (3.3 yds)
    between the fridges and the cupboards.

    This part is also the fire escape.

  4. At the rear is a fully equipped catering kitchen.
    If this is used for food preparation on site
    and your event is open to the public to call in (not private and by initiation only)
    then you must have some one who has a current basic food hygiene certificate.
  5. Along the side are two utility rooms.
    These are for the use of the bridge only.
    However, the quiet room may may used by prior arrangement
    This can be useful as an interview room or quiet room.
    It has seating for 6 - 8 people.