The Upper Room

The Meeting Room
The Main Area
The Main Area and stage
The Kitchenette
Room 2 from the door
Boulevard URC Plan

This room is up the outside stone stairs to the right of the Bridge Centre entrance.
It can also be accessible via the lift.
As you go in, the main area is straight ahead,
and the meeting room, which is set up but not exclusively as a space for worship
is to the left through the glazed screens (to the right if you come up the lift).

  1. the meeting room contains a table, a lectern, and a small 1.2m ( 4' ) round table, an ageing electronic organ
    and 40 wood framed chairs set up lecture style ( ready for worship).
    Everything is moveable,
  2. The central main area which is reached when you enter and go straight forward through three doors
    is roughly 14 by 12 meters (15 by 13 yds) .
    It is set up with 12 chairs in an informal circle.
    It could hold up to 70 or so  people seated in rows lecture style
    folding chairs being stored to the right.
    At the back, central is a small stage (6.6m x 5.7m) suitable for a small group.
    This is where the old pipe organ was.

    The screen between the Meeting Room and the Main Hall can be opened up
    allowing a total of 100 seats to be available.

  3. To the left at the back is a small kitchenette
    with a hot drinking water boiler to make teas/coffees and a small serving worktop.
    There are no food preparation facilities here.
  4. Between the Kitchenette and the stage is the door to the toilets
    a single male and a single female.
  5. To the right at the back is the door into "Room 2"
    A small meeting room reached by descending a few steps.
    There is no other access to "Room 2", and so it is difficult to let when the Main Hall is in use.